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2015 Chevrolet Silverado

To say the last generation Silverado/Sierra trucks from GM were getting long in the tooth is an understatement and this coming from a long time Chevy fan. While the truck platform is excellent, the other full size truck manufacturers long left the interior styling of the GM trucks in the dust. Along comes the 2015 GM trucks and all is forgiven. Lets face it you can't reinvent the world when it comes to pick up trucks, there is a cab and a box of prerequisite size based on what people typically carry. This means a 4x8 sheet of plywood needs to fit between the wheel wells in the box. However more and more people are using 1/2ton trucks as their primary vehicle. Yes they are harder on gas (but getting better all the time) and the new generation of light duty trucks ride excellent, haul up to 6 people and all the cargo you can muster for that trip to the dump, hardware store for a long trip to your favorite vacation spot pulling a trailer with ease when properly equipped and the new GM trucks handle all with aplomb. Our tester was a Chevrolet Silverado. The GM Sierra is virtually identical with slight styling differences.

For 2015 the body underwent a make over inside and out and new engine choices such as the 4.3 V6, not to be confused with the 4.3L from years past, this engine is all new and sports 285HP @5300 rpm; Torque: 305lbft. @3900 rpm. Other options in the GM line up include a 355HP 5.3 V8 and a 420hp 6.2L. The MAX Trailering Package enables the Silverado to tow up to a class leading 12,000lbs and is available on Double Cab and Crew Cab models; and includes increased Rear Gross Axle Weight Ratings (RGAWRs), heavy-duty 9.76" rear axle, 3.73:1 rear axle ratio, locking rear differential. Trailering Package, trailer electric brake controller and enhanced engine radiator cooling system. While the outside styling keeps to a steady progression with new tail gate styling, build in steps in the bumper and optional kick out box side steps the interior is where I found the best updates.

Gone is the flat cheap plastic slab of a dash and in its place a nicely styled center stack with all your major controls, nice large knobs and flip switches makes everything easy to use (though female passengers found them unnecessarily chunky. The gauges are all easy to read and the Mylink system is far less invasive over the Fords Isync, but nothing for me beats the audio controls of the Dodge on the back side of the steering wheel for ease of use once you figure them out. The ride is very smooth till you hit a speed bump and the front feels very truck like and it will hop the bump with any speed. I found the Dodge and Ford excel in this area.

So lets roll into that 4.3 we drove. In my eyes you do not buy a truck like this to me miserly on the engine. Skip the V6, its only there as far as I'm concerned to appease fuel ratings on web sites. It drove well but in a truck this size it felt underpowered at all times. Buy no less than the 5.3 V8 and if you want to tow heavy you will want the torque and power from the 6.2L however, that will hit you in the fuel pocket as a daily driver. Welcome to 2015 GM! (click images below for larger pictures)

Silverado 1
GM finally stepped it up when it comes to the interior on their full size trucks, an area where both Dodge and Ford left them behind. good quality screens of guage display and easy to reach dials and controls ont he centre stack.
Silverado 2
Under the hood of our tester was a 4.3L V6, not to be confused with the 4.3L of old. Optional engines include a 5.3L V8 and a 420hp 6.2L V8 which can push towing capacity of this "1/2" ton truck to 12,000lbs.
Silverado 3
Yup its a truck and GM maintains there full square grill with power bulges over the fenders (I can take or leave the power bulge fenders). Some re styling is coming in 2016 though there is nothing wrong with the look of this model.
Silverado 4
The seats were comfortable and it was nice to finally see a heated seat option with cloth seats both buckets and 60/40 bench.

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