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2015 Ford F-150 2.7 Ecoboost

Ford has been touting their Ecoboost turbo charged line for a few years now. The engine range starts at a little 1.5L in the Fusion up to the 3.7L in the F-150. Our tester came with the new-for-2015 2.7L V6 rated at a whopping 325hp and 375lbft of torque and is a $1300.00 option over the base engine. These are full size V8 numbers from just a few years ago. My last tester was in 2011 with the 3.5L Ecoboost, which produced 365hp @5000rpm, 420lbft @2250rpm. At the time I was very un-impressed with the fuel consumption numbers, which were well above most V8 engines at the time for highway cruising and the same if not higher when I towed an empty 3500lb enclosed trailer over a couple mountain passes. This 2.7L version in our tester performed better for general driving and had impressive power for the size of the engine. The V6 configuration features twin turbos run through an intercooler, dual overhead cams with variable valve timing mated to a 6-speed automatic. Ford fuel numbers from their web site: 13.3 city/10.4 hwy/12.0 combined (L/100km). The truck is their all new for 2015 aluminum body shell. Inside the best feature is the fully flat rear floor under the seats is still a great option if you have dogs or want to carry dry cargo without adding a canopy. The dash and interior are well laid out and take features from its HD cousin the Super Duty. Ride quality was very good as well and the truck feels very planted. Exterior styling comes with new body panels on all corners, new style headlights and taillights.

A comment from my wife that she didn't like that it didn't sound like a truck when closing the doors and a strange feel to the body etc., and this all comes from the new aluminum body structure - something new to this segment. If you like your sun roof this one has a full panorama glass roof right over the rear seat area making for a very bright interior. The truck was a well-equipped 4x4 with a sticker price in the mid $45,000.00 range as equipped taking into account local discounts. Our week behind the wheel was impressive to say the least. Comments on 4by4techs Facebook site where I ran daily pictures and comments ont het est drive ranged from curious to "what's the point of a 2.7L in a full size truck". I can say power, unloaded, was not lacking and the expected small engine whine wasn't present at all. The new generation aluminum body panel truck was more than pleasant and before anyone can talk turbo lag, there was none. The 2.7L would happily fry the tires till the traction control kicked in on bare pavement and passing in traffic wasn't an issue at all.

Best flat highway cruising fetched 9.9L per 100K (28MPG) but was difficult to maintain needing a very light foot and endless dash watching to keep in that eco range. Our week long mixed driving ended up in 12.5L range or 22.5MPG. It is very nice to see that the Ford website numbers tracked right into the numbers we saw during our week behind the wheel. Unfortunately I didn't manage towing numbers but the max capacity for this truck is 8500lbs towing and 2000lbs payload in the bed. A friend of mine, a long time Ford owner, recent bought one and uses it 4-5 times a year to tow his 22-foot Mastercraft ski boat around the Okanagan and he says it handles it with no issues at all.
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Ford Eco 1
A lot of power is being pulled from these small displpacement turbo charged Ecoboost engines in the Ford line up. This little 2.7L will happily light up the back tires on this full size truck - something that left me going huh...
Ford Eco 2
I generally like the styling of the F150 - and its distinctly different Superduty big brother. My wife however found that closing the doors sounded strange with the aluminum body and it just "felt" different.
Ford Eco 3
I'm not a big fan of the Ford Sync system and the steering wheel its pretty much full with buttons and controls, the Dodge controls are still one of my favorite and GM as well added stereo buttons to the back side of the steering wheel - a great spot...
Ford Eco 4
Great styling follows through to the rear, extended side steps activate with a push of your toe and the rear cargo step can be had built into the tail gate.

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