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I have been pretty fortunate over the years to not have had a lot of automotive theft in my life or major accidents but we hear of stolen vehicles and raided garages all the time. A couple incidences stand out - one very recent one a few years ago. The first major theft for me took place just as I was planning to move to Kelowna BC. We had the house up for sale so I moved my buddies and my motorcycles into my backyard where my German Shepard lived. Left them there a couple weeks while we had house showings and one day - gate was open and both bikes gone. I managed to recover my buddy's bike but mine was never seen again. A few months before this our house was broken into; it was a changing area that's for sure.

More recently my wife and I were in Kelowna again. We have lived in the Vancouver area a few years now and are planning our eventual return back to Kelowna. We bought a house (there does seem to be a theme for us here) and were painting it and getting tenants in place. We returned late Sunday. We unloaded the trailer but I could not get my aluminum custom Jeep cab build by Aqualu out of my truck by myself. -

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Clayton Off-road JK suspension
We check out another great lift from Clayton Off-Road. A little more mild this time but just as capable. Using the factory bracket mounts with articulating arms and Bilstien shocks
50 Years of Summit Racing
Summit Racing is a great go to site for good prices and excellent selection and we use them often. This year they turn 50 years old!
Gear Up for Spring
Time to get your Overland rigs, hard core 4x4s or whatever it is you have fun with packed up and on the road for summer fun!

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