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spew 4 I have a problem. I like everything with a motor, and lots of things without. I've owned motorbikes, endures and pure off road bikes, I've owned 4 snow mobiles, several Jeeps, a couple of Bronco's, lots of Chevy's and other cars, a couple Camaro's and one lonely Toyota 4Runner that saw a lot of miles. I'd call myself purely an automotive enthusiast. My off-road habit actually grew out of racing BMX, which turned into dirt bikes, then cars when I was trying to catch girls attention (little did I know at the time that Jeeps actually worked better at this, and I had already caught a girl pretty early on anyway). I probably would have kept many if not for space, oh and money.

What I expect to find it that there are a lot of people out there just like me - just enjoying wind in (what's left of) my hair, getting out on the road or trail and forget about the toils of daily life, or just sticking your head into a mechanical thing and knowing you have built it or kept it rolling - or managed to fix something with duct tape, bailing wire, and muffler clamps (DOT approved of course).

What I have a hard time understanding is how segmented all of these groups are. I will be generalizing here but motor bike riders dislike every car on the road, mountain bikers seem to dis dirt bikes, dirt bikes seem to frown on side by sides, Hot Rodders on the Tuner crowd - and those who don't like motorized things pretty much crap on all automotive people despite the fact a car or pick up prob brought them to their favorite hiking spot, or hauled their kayaks somewhere. Then we hit groups on the Internet - who seem to have-at each other from brand to brand of everything ever made down to toilet paper tissue.

I have a suggestion, and it's not revolutionary, despite what some say it's a pretty big planet with lots of different things to do. Yes we need to make sure we take care of this big marble, it's the only one we have, each of our hobbies is not necessarily suitable for all areas of this globe but there honestly is room for differences of opinion, different pursuits of happiness, and in out case room for off road enthusiasts to get along and co exist. That goes for sleds, bikes, Jeeps, trucks etc. Lets have a little respect for that others like to do.

There seems to be organizations for everything, working to push their own needs forward. There is nothing wrong with that, it keeps governments in check and local municipalities on their toes when it comes to endless stifling rules - but those groups need to realize there are others out there as well. I am a recent member (again) of the BC four wheel drive association, 20 bucks well spent - heck I paid more for my trail munchies last 4x4 trip out - the least I can do. On a more global scale there are multi user groups like the Blue Ribbon Coalition bringing all off road user groups together under a single umbrella. A far more inclusive approach, which I fully endorse. There are more out there and maybe closer to you - but send them a couple bucks they do a lot with a little for the price of a couple spark plugs!

So with all this in mind, when it comes to our off-road hobby, respect the space of other users, slow down and don't dust out hikers on a gravel roads, give a motor bike some space to pass and help anyone who is stranded. Remember if you're a seasoned wheeler or just starting out, everyone started somewhere. There really are no stupid questions, slagging someone on the internet or a user group on their preferred vehicle or motorized segment of our hobby, not knowing about airing down or carrying a compressor or which tire or lift kit is best really solves nothing, help and encourage and if you have nothing good to say - really there is nothing better than just passing on a topic, let those that are willing to help a “newbie” get set on the right track and discover our amazing back country just like we all did at one time - with wide open eyes and a little mud in the tread. And support local off-road organizations - they need your donations and encouragement.

Have fun and be respectful - it really is that easy.

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