Ryan's Snow Beast

Ryan 1 What I have learned over the 15 years I've been in the mag business and over 20 years wheeling is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to building a rig Ð but there is cool and Ryan's Chevy Pickup oozes cool. Being part of the Kelowna Snow Wheelers means you have to step up your game to keep up and 46-inch Baja Claws and Chevy V8 power do the trick but its the custom touches that sets this truck apart without getting so complicated you have to pack a trailer of parts along with you.

First off, well if you want to find your truck in the snow paint is green and orange but the details in the tapered front and rear bodywork and the full interior roll cage to keep the drive and passenger safe really works here. The box is all business and no extra weight added including the floor, a fuel cell and tool box Ð and well, more fuel, is the name of the game when your romping in 4+ feet of horsepower robbing white stuff with 2 PSI in the fully grooved 46-inch Beadlocked Baja Claws. The parallel 4-link custom suspension carries on the paint scheme and is a proven long link with pan hard bar set up used in many of the snow trucks in the Kelowna area. Inside is all business with race seats, a full cage, a full bank of white faced gauges to keep watch and a trusty 4-speed standard and 205 T-case, no auto slush boxes here!

We spent a day out with Ryan on an amazing spring day in the hills behind Kelowna and had a hard time keeping up on the wide open snow roads Ð though a ditch did jump and bite him once! I felt this amazing rig shows what a guy can build on his own without using a host of expensive parts and make a pretty impressive rig in his home garage. A fitting cover shot/feature for the first 4by4techmagazine!
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Ryan 2
While this rig is very distinctly a 80s Chevy, both the nose and the tail have been tapered and all thats left of the box are the sides and tail gate - the box is all about carrying what you need for a day of snow play.
Ryan 3
What does it take to eat up 4+ feet of snow? 4+ feet of tires. The 46 inch Baja Claws have become a staple to the Kelowna snow wheeling crowd. at 2 PSI of less over 4 square feet of tire per keeps you floating on top when the white stuff gets deep
Ryan 4
What else does it take to play in the deep snow? Horsepower lots of horsepower and big axles that won't snap when you hammer the skinny pedal
Ryan 5
You might think in snow a roll over would be a soft landing. Not quite the case though having a hard roof does help (ask me sometime about a nose dive off a 20 foot cliff I enjoyed once) The orange theme keeps going here.

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