Dueling TBI Fuel Injection - Holley Terminator vrs FAST EZ EFI


Holley Terminator TBI

Fuel injection retrofit kits have come a long way over the past few years and Holley is no exception. If you own a modern vehicle, you would wonder why there is even a market for these units as every vehicle since the late 80s has come with some type of injection system from the factory. But when building a street rod and modifying engines sometimes a certain look is trying to be achieved or having the ability of these new systems to learn on the fly gives you the ability to have the system adjust to changes without breaking into a computer to re program it for a new cam shaft or other performance modifier. Holley's new Terminator systems offer an easy to install package utilizing the common square bore type intake manifolds. This system was retrofitted onto a 1991 Mustang 5.0L removing the stock two piece intake for the simpler throttle body style injection and intake manifold. During this upgrade a set of Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads were installed along with Trick Flow rockers and push rods to match the taller deck height of the new heads. Also added was a Proform HEI style distributor to help clean up the engine bay. This one wire hook up system just needs power and a tack wire will help provide a spark signature for the fuel injection system to work. The Terminator system comes with a stand alone computer system, a throttle body unit featuring 4 injectors below the throttle plates, a wide band O2 sensor which goes into the exhaust flow and all of the wiring and sensors needed to get your vehicle up and running. Before start up you simple enter some basic parameters about your engine, turn the key and start driving. It may take a few trips out for the system to fully dial itself in but once it does you will have an excellent upgrade to any engine which can handle this throttle body mounting configuration.(click images below for larger pictures)

This article was put on the back burner for a bit due to space, the system has now been In use for 9 months. Like anything new, the learning curve was more with myself than the system. My surprise was how quick the injection settled down to work seemlessly with the vehicle and the paticular cam and performance generated by the 400HP Ford V8 engine. One issue I had was ocational surging at an idle. A quick e-mail to Holley produced an answer within the couple hours on which custom setting to address to remove the surge. I followed the techs recommendations and the surge is completely gone. I do find its best, in our aplication, to let the vehicle cycle the fuel pump before turning the key, but this is due mostly to how often the vehicle sits for weeks at a time. I recently left the Jeep at a friends shop in cold winter weather with several feet of snow on the Jeep for a month. I have a battery cut off switch installed and once power up, the Jeep fired at the first turn of the key. Even a night of -27C campng didn't deter the Jeep from starting. Excellent product from Holley!    Holley.com

Term 1
Holley has two main computers which cover their self adjusting fuel injection systems. The Terminator works with both TBI and MPI injection but does not include trans control, you need to Dominator for that option.
Term 2
The TBI or Throttle Body style we mounted to our Ford 5.0L needed a intake manifold and here Holley came into play with a Wieand Steath intake. The injectors on the TBI squirt below the throttle plates via a series of holes all around each barrel for best possible fuel atomization.
Term 3
You will need a fuel system compatible with the pressure needed for the TBI unit which is 42lbs. We ordered a complete fuel system to compliment the injection which included fittings, fuel line, fuel pump and regulator.
Term 4
This install included a few other upgrades including Trick Flow heads and a Proform HEI distributor. The Holley injection is capable of timing control but I like the nice packaging of the Proform distributor with the coil in the cap and one wire hook up.



FAST stands for Fuel Air Spark Technology and is part of the Comp Cams group of companies along with NEX nitrous systems, RHS heads, TCI transmission and more so they know a thing or two about engines! This system is there EZ-EFI with injectors and fuel pump system capable of managing engines up to 600hp with a 1000cfm throttle body. This install is taking place on a 383 Chevy and once installed the hand held programmer will walk you through basic parameters such as displacement before turning the key. The EZ-EFI system is a fuel only system and utilizes your current ignition system you have in place, in Mason's case (The owner of this V8 converted 1st Gen Toyota) a MSD distributor and ignition box. The system does require a clean RPM signal and a direct to battery power feed and FAST suggests an aftermarket ignition box for optimum performance. FAST also have a EZ-EFI 2.0 and several versions of Multiport injection but hose of us converting our trucks will be mostly interested in the system we are testing here. Unlike some other throttle body style injection systems, the 4-88lb/hr injectors are mounted in the throttle body and "squirt" below the throttle plates, every sensor needed to run the system are pre mounted on the throttle body except for a water temp sensor that needs to be installed into the intake manifold and a wide band O2 sensor which needs to be installed in the exhaust system. As our vehicle was previously carbureted and used two fuel tanks (snow wheeling), we order two fuel pump kits and we needed a fuel splitter valve that was purchased from NAPA for $120.00. This valve, designed for Chevy trucks, is dash controlled and with a single pump mounted after the valve will draw fuel from each tank and control the fuel gauge for each tank via a single 3-way dash toggle switch. While the plumbing of the fuel system took some extra time with the two tanks, the entire system was installed within the recommended 2-4 hours. (click images below for larger pictures)

Once keyed power was supplied to the fuel system, the hand held controller was attached and the screens walk you through a pre start up procedure. This includes the system checking for throttle position at closed throttle, wide open throttle, engine displacement and a few other easy to follow steps. Once the engine is started, there is an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure gauge that needs to be set to the recommended pressure for your application, in our case it was 44psi. The engine started with the first touch of a key and after following the warm up procedure, a couple more steps with the programmer took place once the engine was warm and at operating temperature. After this point, the hand held unit can be removed. With the base tune in place, the injection should run reasonably smooth but will now require the vehicle to be driven through a wide array of circumstances to learn the drivers, driving style and where the vehile will be operated. Overall the system was easy to install and simple to set up the basic engine parameters and very well made and packaged. The wiring can be bundled together and can easily be hidden under an air filter for a near stock appearance. Mason ran into some small adjustment issues at the start and changed out a couple TPS sensors, In the end the issue was contributed to "wiring noise". Some re-wiring of some of the vehicles systems took place to isolate them from the injection system and the injection is now running like a top. FAST fuel injection systems are available at any retailer who carries Comp Cam products.     fuelairspark.com

The FAST system comes with all the basics needed to get up and running. In the case of Mason's Toyota the 383 is fed by two gas tanks so we needed a few more parts than normal.
The injectors on the FAST TBI also shoot below the throttle plates, include cross over lines for the two fuel rails and all the sensors except for the O2 and water temp are mounted on the TBI.
the EZ computer is very compact and Mason chose to install the computer inside the cab via a supplied fire wall grommet. Like the Holley system the EZ is fully self programming.
Included with the system is a programmer which walks you though basic start up parameters so the injection has a base line to get started. After that you just drive in as many varied situations as you can and the system will learn your driving style.

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